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Who We Arefoam

For nearly 15 years, Sleep Aid has been making the world's best visco-elastic memory foam. Visco-elastic foam is the only product we make, and we take our jobs very seriously. All of our foam is produced right here in the USA, using only the highest quality ingredients. This allows us to produce memory foam that is hypoallergenic and doesn't contain the harmful chemical residues that other brands of memory foam sometimes do.

Our Family of Retailers

Sleep Aid is a worldwide leader in memory foam mattress innovation and technology, providing only the best products made in the United States. In order to ensure great customer service and genuine Sleep Aid's products, our merchandise is distributed only through a few select retailers as well as on our site. Please take a moment to visit their websites. They can answer all of your questions, and deliver Sleep Aid products to your home anywhere in the United States.

visco elastic foam viso elastic memory  foam
Long-Lasting Quality
Over time, low quality memory foam can begin to lose its "memory." As the foam wears out, it's no longer able to perform like it should. Because we make all of our foam in the USA to the highest quality standards, our foam is much more durable than many competing brands. Not only that, but even out of the box, Sleep Aid foam has a longer "memory" than the more famous brand, which means it conforms better to your unique body shape.

Temperature Sensitivity
All memory foam should react to your body temperature, becoming slightly softer as it warms up and slightly firmer as it cools down. Some brands of memory foam, like the leading "mall" brand, vary too much. If the temperature in your room drops a few degrees, you could wake up with a bed that's too firm. Consistency is best, and Sleep Aid foam is specially formulated to react to body temperature within a narrower range, so your bed is consistent comfortable all year round.

The Worlds Finest Visco Elastic Memory Foam

Our memory foam overlays and mattresses are made of the world finest visco elastic memory foam material.  Our patented  manufacturing process allows us to produce higher quality memory foam than even the leading competitor.  It is through our advanced vacuum sealed manufacturing process that we are able to provide you with the most comfortable mattresses and overlays on the market for the best sleep of your life.

Sleep Aid Quality Control

The traditional production methods, used by our competitors, allow gravity to affect each batch of foam during settling.  Visco elastic foam produced under these conditions becomes denser on the bottom and lighter on the top.  Each batch is then sliced into individual mattresses and overlays and labeled as a specific density regardless of actual density. By purchasing a visco elastic memory foam pad produced under these conditions, you may not get what you pay for.

Sleep Aid avoids these large density inconsistencies by producing our memory foam inside of vacuum chambers that are not subject to gravity.  The result is visco elastic memory foam that is consistent throughout and meets advertised density. 

Chemical Control  visco elastic foam

Popular, low cost memory foam products, are manufactured overseas where regulations on the chemicals and materials used are nonexistent.  These overseas manufacturers keep prices low by using dangerous chemicals and toxins, such as formaldehyde, that can be very harmful to your health.  Spending 8 hours each night in close contact with harmful chemicals can have very negative long term health consequences and should not be chanced.

Sleep Aid produces all of their visco elastic memory foam and materials within the United States.  No toxins or harmful chemicals are used and each product is hypoallergenic.  By choosing a Sleep Aid visco elastic memory foam product you are ensuring the healthiest bedding products available.

Temperature Consistency

Sleep Aid's memory foam is not as sensitive to heat fluctuations, which changes the way traditional memory foams feel.  Heat sensitive foams, such as the leading competitors, will become too firm if the room is cold and too soft if the room is warm.  Sleep Aid overcomes these problems with temperature fluctuations and has a consistent feel over a large range of temperatures.  Sleep Aid visco elastic memory foam feels great and stays consistent no matter what the room temperature is.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Because of Sleep Aid's patented vacuum sealed manufacturing process, there are no fumes or gases released making Sleep Aid the responsible choice.  Sleep Aid is as dedicated to protecting the environment as we are to providing you with the best visco elastic bedding products.

Our Policies

It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect the memory foam for any freight damage or manufacturer's defects and report to us within 3 days. Memory Foam damaged in shipping will be exchanged for another new item at no cost to the customer.  Customer has 90 days from the time the item is received to return for a full refund of the purchase price less the original delivery and return shipping costs*. Returned memory foam items must be received in "like new" condition in the original packaging and materials. Memory Foam items not in the original box cannot be returned. All returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Code or they will be refused by our receiving department. Customer must call 877-265-1683 to obtain a Return Authorization.

Cancellation: Customers that cancel or refuse delivery of shipped merchandise will be charged for all shipping costs and assessed a 10% restocking fee.  Customers who cancel their order prior to shipment will be assessed a 6% fee to cover credit card processing fees.

*All returned toppers are subject to a $50 fee to cover shipping and handling costs. For mattresses, the fee is $200. Returning a foundation comes with a fee of $100.00.

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