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15” Opulent™ Bio-Foam Mattress:
A Luxury Non-Toxic Memory Foam

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The 15” Opulent™ features an aloe-treated bamboo-cotton cover, a cool ultra-dense top layer and adjustable core layers, which combine to provide a refined custom-comfort rarely found in the retail store- bought mattress selections. This is our premium bio-foam mattress, which means that from content to container, we have made a conscious effort to minimize or eliminate toxic exposure, or content, from the product and manufacturing process. The result is a US-made, health conscious, Certipur certified, non-toxic memory foam mattress that anyone can feel safe and confident about purchasing for their home.

Product Details :

  • 5 inches of luxurious quality non-toxic material
  • 5lb density bio-foam gives vibration-free support
  • 3 multi-density core layers mean your comfort is customizable
  • 1 removable, air-channeled layer adds padding and airflow
  • 1 removable, perforated foam layer softens the mattress
  • 10 year warranty guarantee on materials and workmanship
  • Customizable positions to adjust the feel of the mattress
  • Patented air channeling to ensure a cool sleep
  • Natural antibacterial properties keep it fresh for years
  • Made in the USA with Certipur certified safe, non-toxic quality
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