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Confourm™ 2” Bio-Foam Toppers

Confourm™ 2” Bio-Foam Toppers are best when used on pillow-top mattresses. To improve your existing mattress, simply add this revolutionary overlay under the fitted sheet and start sleeping better. A 2” topper’s support comes from the density of the chosen bio-foam. By choosing a 4lb, the average person’s needs will be met. For larger individuals, or couples, a 5lb density is usually satisfactory, while those experiencing pain may want the support of a 5.5lb density foam. The greater the density, the better quality and responsiveness of the foam. Natural gel can be added as a cooling agent to any of our topper styles.

If your interested in the cooling benefits of natural gel, each Confourm™ Memory Foam Topper can be assembled to include natural gel for an additional $150.00.

Confourm™ 2” Bio-Foam Toppers Overview:

  • The only memory foam in today's market with patented technology that allows air-channeling
  • One of the ONLY memory foams that is NOT temperature sensitive. This bed topper stays flexible even when it's cold, unlike other well known brands
  • All materials made in the USA
  • Made with ultra-dense, advanced memory foam (4lb, 5lb, 5.5lb)
  • Toppers based on two characteristics: Memory Foam Quality and Price
  • Available in 4-5.5lb eco-friendly, soy-based, green memory foam
  • No off-gasing of toxic fumes or bad odors
  • Material is anti-microbial and helps prevention of dust mites, mold and other allergens
  • Material is hypoallergenic
  • Very helpful for Fibromyalgia patients
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