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PureSleep™ 2” Natural Latex Topper

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If your objective is to find the healthiest mattress toppers available, then we would like to introduce you to our PureSleep™ Series of 100% Global Certified Organic Latex. Our objective was to create the purest, most comfortable sleep experience possible. The result is the latest in an all-natural topper that pulls excess heat from the body, and also provides excellent orthopedic support for the entire spinal system. We take great care in making sure that we select natural materials and integrate them throughout the assembly process.

From content to container we strive to eliminate the toxins you're living with. Two-inch latex toppers are best when used on a pillow-top, or complementary foam mattress, to provide the additional support that may be needed by the sleeper. Typically, natural latex is more expensive than comparable memory foam mattresses, but for individuals seeking the highest quality, greenest content and overall value it may difficult to find a cost effective, healthier alternative to our latex toppers.

PureSleep™ 2” Natural Latex Topper Overview:

  • No off-gassing of toxic fumes or bad odors
  • Hypoallergenic and prevents dust-mites, and mold
  • Anti-Microbial and never need washing
  • Promotes improved circulation
  • Optimum pressure reduction
  • Provides a cooler sleep surface
  • Easier positioning
  • Stable and consistent support in all temperatures
  • Stratified layering allows us to upgrade or replace contents
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