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PureSleep™ 3” Natural Latex Topper

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If you are choosing a 3” topper, you are most likely looking for both a cushioned overlay and a whole body support system that will relieve pressure points. Three-inch latex toppers are best when used on mattresses without a pillow top. We take great care in making sure that we select natural materials and integrate them throughout the assembly process, so an investment in a natural latex product is a forever purchase. If organic latex is not right for you, you can take advantage of one of the other healthy alternatives in our Confourm™ Series of non-toxic, bio-foam toppers. Natural gel can be added as a cooling agent to any of our topper styles.

If your interested in the cooling benefits of natural gel, each Confourm™ Memory Foam Topper can be assembled to include natural gel for an additional $150.00.

PureSleep™ 3” Natural Latex Topper Overview:

  • No off-gassing of toxic fumes or bad odors
  • Hypoallergenic and prevents dust-mites, and mold
  • Anti-Microbial and never need washing
  • Promotes improved circulation
  • Optimum pressure reduction
  • Provides a cooler sleep surface
  • Easier positioning
  • Stable and consistent support in all temperatures
  • Stratified layering allows us to up-grade or replace contents
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