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Back-T Support

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The Protector Back-T Lumbar Support System is highly recommended for those professionals in the safety and security, construction, and/or transportation and logistics industries

The Protector Back-T gives support to professionals who have traditionally utilized a utility belt throughout their day. Since utility belts create addition pressures and stresses on the entire lumbar system, The Protector Back-T provides support at both the upper shoulders and the lower spine without hindering mobility or slowing how quickly someone can exit the vehicle. Made with high resiliency eco-foam and covered in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant medical vinyl, this patented lumbar system will last for many years, while giving the user a much more enjoyable and pain free workday.

For your convenience you can also purchase these items now: brushed black or blue bull denim cotton covers are available separately for individuals who want the option of changing or having a back-up during occasional washing.

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