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The HeelBone™ Zero Pressure

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Prevention is easier than cure. Multi-purpose shape supports legs in most positions: back laying, head of the bed up, or turned left or right. Strategically placed holes keep additional ulcer-prone areas of foot like sides, toes and ankles free from pressure when lying on side. Low, wide, and flat design minimizes elevation and makes device easy to position and maneuver. Dual foam memory foam top layer combined with supportive firm foam under-layer provides the comfort of a pillow with a firm base of support that maintains its shape. Medical grade nylon cover is anti-microbial, stretches and allows the skin to breath for safe comfortable contact with sensitive skin and washable with soap and water or any disinfectant solution.

A Breakthrough in Prevention and Cure

  • Convenient, cost-effective, economical. Purchase one per room, re-use as needed.
  • Supports the full range of patient profiles. Can be used by anyone, but most especially the elderly, those who are mobility impaired, those who have compromised circulation, SCI patients, diabetics, and surgery recovery patients.
  • Provides space to relieve pressure on any area of the foot. This is regardless of the patientís position on the bed (angled, side, etc.)
  • No products in the market currently addresses both the needs of the entire foot as well as the naturally shifting positions of patients.
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