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The Hug-T Pro

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The Hug-T Pro is the answer for shoulder pain. Side sleeping positions cause pressure on the joint via your own weight or gravity. It's also uncomfortable and cumbersome to wear a joint or brace to bed. The Hug-T Pro functions as a prop or brace and does not restrict movement.

Note: Our Pro line products are only available for purchase through medical professionals. Please contact us for the names of professionals in your area.

Benefits Overview:

The Hug-T Pro is designed with whole body in mind. When used in conjunction with its partner product (The Knee-T Pro ), the body achieves a complete ergonomic posture while side sleeping. This simulates the most popular and natural body position for sleeping, the fetal position. The Hug-T Pro addresses the following disorders:

  • Rotator cuff disorders
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Thoracic and dorsal conditions
  • Lumbar curve restored
  • Kyphosis (expands chest to help eliminate rounding inward of the chest to increase respiration)

Product Details :

  • Available in two sizes: Small (5'8" and below) and Large (5'9" and above)
  • Contour shaped so it fits both males and females
  • Covered with 100% cotton sherpa or terry cloth
  • Made from medical quality foam
  • Insurance and Medicare billable
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