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The Knee-T Pro

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The unique patented design of the KNEE-T Pro helps reduce back pain by evenly supporting and holding the legs in a neutral position while on the left or right side lying positions. The KNEE-T Pro is endorsed and prescribed by physicians.

Note: Our Pro line products are only available for purchase through medical professionals. Please contact us for the names of professionals in your area.

Environmentally sensitive, since its inception, SleepAid bedding support products are manufactured from radioactive-free, recycled rail steel. SleepAid continues to manufacture in the USA using best-in-class materials and a quality of workmanship that is as uncompromising today as it was eighty-five years ago.

Benefits Overview:

The KNEE-T Pro positioning prevents undo torsion of the femoral head in the acetabulum. The KNEE-T Pro is the only product available that completely addresses such issues.

  • Anatomically accurate for exceptional comfort
  • Reduces back pain for diagnoses such as arthritis, herniated disc, sciatica and more
  • A memory foam product for a perfect fit

Product Details :

  • Hypo-allergic materials
  • One size fits all
  • Insurance and Medicare Billable
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