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Sleep Aid has revolutionized the memory foam mattress industry with its new and innovative technologies. Our engineers have been working hard to bring you the latest in sleep technology, unveiled in our newest mattress series

What makes this series so unique?
Patented Heat Reduction Channels for Breathability
You won’t find our patented Heat Reduction Channels (HRC) on any other mattress, giving our models unprecedented breathability. HRC works with your body’s natural temperature-regulating abilities, keeping you at your perfect temperature. Competitors’ mattresses trap in heat and become uncomfortable, but our HRC Memory Foam Mattresses feature a series of grooves carved into the mattress surface, allowing your body to breathe while it rests.

9 Comfort Zones Designed for the Human Body
Each part of the body has unique needs, which is why we separated our mattress into 9 distinct comfort zones. These zones work in synergy with the patterns on the mattress cover to bring each body part just the right amount of support.

How does it work? The HRC grooves are more concentrated in the areas that require less support, such as the head and feet areas, while the areas of foam between the grooves are wider where you need more support, such as the hip area.

US-Made for Quality Control
Our memory foam mattresses are manufactured to-order via an environmentally-friendly process right here in the USA. We make our mattresses in special vacuum chambers, which evenly distribute the foam and provide consistent support, while competitors bake their foam unevenly. Our mattresses meet strict quality control regulations. They lack the dangerous allergens like formaldehyde and carcinogens that make foreign-made mattresses smell bad. Rest assured that neither your nose nor your allergies will be aggravated.

Try it Yourself! Sleep Trial and Warranty
Our mattresses stand a head above the rest. But don’t take our word for it. Begin your 90-day sleep trial today and see for yourself, risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied, you may return your mattress. If you are satisfied, your mattress will support you with a warranty for the next 20 years. Because ordinary innerspring mattresses must be replaced every 5 years, the value of your mattress increases 4 fold!

9 Comfort Zones Designed for the Human Body
The human body is complex, which is why ordinary mattresses just won’t suit it. Different parts of the body, such as the hips and shoulders, are heavier than other parts, and thus require more support for optimal comfort and proper orthopedic alignment of the spine. That’s why we’ve divided our mattresses into 9 distinct comfort zones, each one designed for the portion of the body it supports. The secret lies with the distribution of our HRC, which is concentrated according to the needs of individual body parts.

Memory Foam Mattresses Foundations
These heavy duty mattress foundations are made to accommodate all types of mattresses, but are especially made to accommodate latex and memory foam mattresses with its slatted design. Slats are spaced only 2.5" apart providing maximum support while allowing for maximum air flow. Click here to learn more.

If you are satisfied, you can sleep on your HRC Memory Foam mattress for the next 20 years under a warranty. Innerspring mattresses must be replaced every 5 years, but with the long lifetime of our HRC Memory Foam mattresses, you are receiving 4 times the value.

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