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Memory Foam Reviews

Please take a moment to browse through the memory foam reviews that have been sent into us from customers like you.

Jessica M.  Tampa, FL
 I recently purchased a high end memory foam mattress topper from your competitor.  When I received the topper I was disappointed to find that it hardly offered more support than my previous mattress topper.  I was told it would be firm but it wasn't!  Needles to say I sent it back and then chose to purchase your dream series.  Right away I could feel a huge difference between your dream topper and the competitors topper.  That night I slept better than I have ever slept before and for once my back did not hurt when I woke up.  Thanks you for helping me to sleep better.

John C. Danbury, CT
Last month, after extensively researching the internet for memory foam reviews I came across your website.  I was very impressed by the length of your warranties and by the quality of information on your website.  I decided to purchase the 5lb comfort series with the HRC's.  It took me about three days to get used to the feel but ever since then I have never slept better.

Josh M. Carlsbad, CA
I have a tendency to toss and turn a lot during the night and it keeps my wife up when I shake the bed.  With my new foam bed memory topper I toss and turn a lot less and when I do the vibrations are dampened so my wife does not wake up.  It great that the two of us both getting better sleep thanks to your topper. 

Kristin H. Darien, CT
I slept on a foam bed memory topper at a friends guest room and loved it at first.  The problem was that I woke up in the middle of the night and was way too hot.  I loved the way that it felt so much and started researching online for memory foam reviews to find if their was a way around the heat problem.  I've been using your topper with the air channels for three months now and never find it too hot!  Thanks Sleep Aid for making a  foam bed memory topper that breathes and stays cool.

Brad, F. Warren MI
I have been sleeping on a futon for the past couple of years and finally got fed up of waking up with an achy back.  After reading some memory foam reviews I decided to try your BodySoft memory foam pad and am glad I did.  My futon feels way more comfortable and my back feels great in the morning!

Annette P. Naples FL
My husband and I bought a foam bed memory topper online through a discount retailer.  It said it was 4 lb but it barely offered more support than our old egg crate topper.  I new that memory foam should have been better so we returned it and got a 4 lb Sleep Aid topper.  Our Sleep Aid topper offers all of the support that we were expecting from reading your memory foam reviews and we got it for less than we were going to pay at our local back store.  Thank you for providing a great product at a great price. 

Todd G. Denver, CO
Thank you for recommending that I pay the extra money for the air channels.  I was afraid that they would not live up to what the sales person said, but they do!  I have never had a more comfortable bed.  Thanks. 

Lisa, J. Vernon NJ.
My husband and I recently painted our bedroom.  During the project we stayed in our guest room and found out how uncomfortable our guest bed was.  We decided for the sake of ours and our future guests backs to try one of your memory foam pads.  We chose a body soft pad because of the price.  We were surprised how nice it felt when we got it and our shipping time was faster then expected.  Thank you for solving our problem and helping us get a good nights sleep.

Thank you to all of our customers for your memory foam reviews.  Sleep Aid is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and your memory foam reviews reassure us that our hard work has has helped you get the rest that you deserve.  We look forward to hearing reviews from our future customers as well so that we can continue learning from your feedback.


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