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memory foam pads Dream Memory Foam Toppers

Give your mattress a new life!

memory foam toppersIt's time to start getting the rest you need. Most Americans today don't sleep properly, because they spend their nights on uncomfortable, unhealthy mattresses that doesn't allow them to sleep properly.

Make Your Mattress Work Harder
A memory foam topper is the best way to help your existing mattress perform better. While nothing will beat a full memory foam mattress, a memory foam topper is a great way to get many of the same benefits.

Dream Series Toppers: The Best of The Best
The Sleep Aid Dream series memory foam toppers will make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. The support offered by our highest quality 5 lb memory foam is unmatched by any topper on the market. High density foam conforms perfectly to your body, while still providing the support you need for healthy sleep. When your body is supported at night, you sleep more deeply and don't wake up with an achy back.

Sleep Better When You Take The Pressure Off
Dream series memory foam toppers help to eliminate pressure points that rob us of precious sleep. When you sleep on an old fashioned bed, pressure points cause you to toss and turn to get comfortable. Even though you may not awaken fully when this happens, the constant disturbances keep you from getting the deep, restful sleep you need. You may be losing precious rest and not even know it!

Stay Cool And Comfortablememory foam topper!
Heat is the #1 complaint with other memory foam brands! All Dream series memory foam toppers come with Sleep Aid's patented Heat Reduction Channels (HRC) to automatically moderate your body's temperature while you sleep.  This revolutionary design keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate through the top layer of foam.

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Comfort Zone Technology
Our Heat Reduction Channels also feature Comfort Zone Technology. The progressive cut pattern offers extra support in the center where you need it, and added softness towards the edges where you don't.

Dream series toppers include....

  • 10 year warranty

  • Heat Reduction Channels

  • 5 Pound Density

  • Vacuum Sealed Production for consistency

  • 100% Toxin Free

  • 90 Day Trial Period!

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Jessica M.  Tampa, FL
I recently purchased a high end memory foam topper from your competitor.  When I received the topper I was disappointed to find that it hardly offered more support than my previous mattress topper.  I was told would be firm but it wasn't!  Needles to say I sent it back and then chose to purchase your dream series.  Right away I could feel a huge difference between your dream topper and the competitors product.  That night I slept better than I have ever slept before and for once my back did not hurt when I woke up.  Thank you Sleep Aid for helping me to sleep better.

Todd G. Denver, CO
Thank you for recommending that I pay the extra money for the air channels.  I was afraid that they would not live up to what the sales person said, but they do!  I have never had a more comfortable bed thanks to your memory foam topper! 

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