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Healthier Neck Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow

Be Kind to Your Neck!

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For the happiest memory foam customer, we recommend a memory foam pillow to complete the memory foam system. The health of your neck will be compromised if you’re still sleeping on an outdated cotton pillow while the rest of your body enjoys the benefits of orthopedic sleep on a memory foam mattress. This isn’t fair to your neck!

Your neck deserves good treatment just as the rest of your body does. As the completion of your spine, your neck may suffer pain and require massages to get it feeling up to par. Why wake up achy in the first place? Complete your healthy sleep with a memory foam pillow, ergonomically contoured to fit your head and neck. These pillows operate on the same principles as our memory foam mattresses do.

Long Warranty

Our memory foam pillows feature a 10 year warranty on all materials. Imagine a pillow lasting 10 years!

Rest Assured, It’s American Quality

Because our memory foam pillows are made right here in the USA, we adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. We refuse to use low cost substitutes for our materials, and we shirk toxins and odor-producing chemicals like formaldehyde and carcinogens. You sleep on a safe, odorless pillow.

Relief for Allergy Sufferers

This hypoallergenic pillow features an anti-microbial material that prevents dust mites from settling in your bed. Dust mites aggravate allergies and trigger asthma attacks, and they’re a little gross. Now you can sleep without them.

Banish Neck Pain

Easily eliminate back and neck pain the natural way – by perfecting your sleep. The pillow’s unique pressure-relieving properties and ergonomically correct shape allow the neck muscles to relax in proper orthopedic alignment. Doesn’t your neck deserve it?

Due to the fact that a pillow is considered a personal hygiene item, all pillows are sold without the option to return.

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