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Best Memory Foam Technology

Best Memory Foam

Sleep Aid toppers and mattresses are made from only the world's finest memory foam, creating a sleeping surface that offers superior comfort and support. Sleep Aid memory foam is produced in advanced vacuum chambers, allowing us to create products that outperform the leading competitors in quality, consistency, and durability.  With just one touch of our memory foam, it is easy to feel Sleep Aid's advantage over the competition.

betst  memory  foam padThe Sleep Aid Memory Advantage

Sleep Aid uses the world's best memory foam in all of their products.  Sleep Aid memory foam is produced in America, and made to the highest quality standards. It contains no dangerous chemicals, and offers unsurpassed support. As our memory foam contours to pressure points like your shoulders and hips, it pushes back to support the areas in between for maximum support, allowing your spine to remain in its natural position. From the first time you lay your hand on our memory foam and see it instantly conform, it's easy to see the Sleep Aid advantage.

best memory foam topperHeat Reduction Channels

Heat buildup is the #1 complaint with other brands of memory foam. For many people, those other brands are just too hot. Sleep Aid is the only manufacturer that keeps you cool at night with a truly advanced circulation system. Our patented Heat Reduction Channels, cut directly into the surface of the foam, provide continuous air flow and body  temperature control.  While the system is often imitated, genuine HRC channels are only found on Sleep Aid products, so avoid all imitators.

Comfort Zone Technology

The HRC system not only keeps you cool and comfortable at night, but it also helps the Sleep Aid mattress conform to your body even better. By creating 9 different Comfort Zones, all providing slightly different levels of support, your memory foam is able to perform its best. Your bed or topper will be slightly softer near your head and feet, (the lightest parts of your body), and by your hips, your mattress will be slightly more supportive. It's the finishing touches that make all the difference.

The Sleep Aid Vacuum Production Solution

Sleep Aid memory foam is produced in a vacuum sealed chamber that eliminates atmospheric variance. That means that when you buy from us, you get the density and quality that you pay for. Many other memory foam brands use a "pour method", where liquid foam is allowed to harden in large open trays. This creates inconsistencies in the product, with higher densities on the bottom layer, and lower densities on top. This means that when you buy 5 lb foam, you might actually get 4lb, or 6lb foam. Buy from someone else, and every purchase is a gamble.

Consistent Quality

Sleep Aid's vacuum production method ensures that the foam does not settle, and the result is a more consistent product.  The combination of Sleep Aid's proprietary hypo-allergenic formula, and vacuum controlled production, results in memory foam products that are built to last.  Each mattress and topper meets the exact density specifications desired, and are free from inconsistencies.

Defying Gravity For A Better Night's Sleep

Traditional production methods produce large quantities of memory foam that are subject to the forces of gravity and atmospheric variance.  Gravity causes the foam on the bottom to become significantly more dense than the foam on the top.  The result is that each topper and mattress varies greatly in density depending which part of the foam block they are cut from.  This means that the customer most likely will not get the quality that they paid for.

best memory foam technology
Temperature Consistency

Sleep Aid's memory foam is not overly sensitive to heat fluctuations. While all memory foam should react to your body temperature, in order to conform more effectively to your body, some foam can react too much. With leading brands, the foam is so sensitive that if your room cools off at night, your bed can actually be significantly more firm when you wake up. Inconsistent feel like this is simply not acceptable. Sleep Aid foam is able to react to your body's temperature, but it fluctuates within a smaller range. That means that your bed will always feel perfect, no matter what happens to the temperature in your bedroom.

Emissions Free

The Sleep Aid vacuum production process controls the emissions from the foam making process, making Sleep Aid the environmentally friendly choice. We also produce all of our products in the great state of California, under the nation's strictest regulations. That means when you order from us, you get the world's safest, highest quality memory foam.

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